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Prof. Dr. Serpil SALMAN

Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid diseases, Pituitary diseases, Parathyroid diseases, Osteoporosis, Adrenal gland diseases, Gonadal diseases

Education and professional experience:

Faculty of Medicine: Istanbul University (IU) Istanbul Faculty of Medicine (1984-1991)

Specialization of Internal Diseases: Bezm-i Alem Vakıf Gureba Hospital (1992-1996)

Internal Diseases Specialist: IU Experimental Medicine Research Institute (DETAE) Diabetes Polyclinic (1997-2003) and IU Istanbul Medical Faculty Department of Internal Diseases Diabetes Science (1999-2004)

Endocrinology specialization: Istanbul University Medical Faculty Internal Medicine Department Endocrinology and Metabolism Department (2005-2008)

Endocrinology specialist: Adıyaman State Hospital (Compulsory service) (2009-2010), Acıbadem hospital group and Acıbadem Medical Faculty (2010-2013), Ulus Liv Hospital (2013-2019) and Istinye University Faculty of Medicine (2015-2019), Private practice (2019- ...)



Diabetes (especially diabetes technology), thyroid diseases

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