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Prof. Dr. Haluk AKPINAR
Urology and Robotic Surgery
He was born in İskenderun in 1966. He graduated from Kabataş Erkek High School in 1983 and Marmara Medical Faculty in 1990. He started his specialization training in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty's Urology Department in 1992 and became a urology specialist in 1997. His thesis titled "Late Results of Burch Colposuspension Operation". In 2001, he studied at USA NC Wake Forest University on percutaneous and flexible URS and endourological stone therapy. He performed secretarial tasks in 1 and 2 Percutaneous Renal Surgery Courses held in Turkey in the years of 2002 and 2004. He joined the academic staff of Istanbul Bilim University in 2007 with the title of assistant professor. Dr. Haluk Akpınar has written 55 articles and 7 book chapters, 26 of which are in SCI foreign journals, and his work has been cited 1638 times. He made 154 scientific presentations, 75 of which are international. He received 7 national and international awards for his works. He worked as the Chairman of the Urological Surgery Association North Marmara Branch between 2017-2019. He served as the President of the Minimal Invasive Urology Association. During this period, Akpınar organized 6 hands-on retrograde intrarenal surgeries and 2 animal laboratories partial nephrectomy training courses. Haluk Akpınar works in the fields of laparoscopic and robotic treatment of urological cancers, especially bladder, prostate and kidney, and treatment of urinary system stone diseases. Robotic Surgery Studies: * Completed his basic robotic surgery training in Paris in February 2005. * In March 2005 Turkey's he was a member of the team who performed the first robotic urologic surgery. * He performed his I first robotic sacrocolpopexy operations in Turkey in June 2008. * In 2008, he worked in USA NC Wake Forest University in the field of endourology and advanced robotic surgery. * As of 2010, he has contributed to the new robotic surgery centers established in Ankara, Qatar Doha and Kuwait City as trainer surgeon. Between 2005 and 2016, he performed more than 400 robotic urological operations such as partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, and sacrocolpopexy as a console or bedside surgeon, especially radical prostatectomy.
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