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Interview fee : 50 $
Prof. Dr. Hakan GÜNDEŞ

Orthopedics, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery, Wrist surgery, Elbow and shoulder surgery, Arthroscopic surgery and Trauma

He was born in 1966 in Istanbul. He has been working in the field of orthopedics since 1989. He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. He completed his orthopedic specialization at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine orthopedic clinic and his hand surgery specialization at New York University's Mount Sinai orthopedic clinic. He received the title of associate professor in 2000 and professor in 2006. He focused on hand surgery, wrist surgery, elbow and shoulder surgery, arthroscopic surgery, and trauma. He attended many national and international meetings on orthopedics and hand surgery as speakers. In addition to the relevant associations in our country, he has become an international member of the American Hand Surgery Association in 2007. He has over twenty international articles. He received training on orthopedics, hand surgery, microsurgery elbow and shoulder surgery in England, Israel, Switzerland, USA and Germany.

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