At your home, work, office, in the city or abroad, without worrying about transportation and available time, your psychologist can be with you always via live video connection.

Online Psychologist

What is an Online Psychologist?

Business, family, children etc. we realize that we cannot make time for ourselves.

Moneta health, with our specialist psychologist, you can provide video calls in a reliable and fast way from anywhere and at any time, or you can perform one-to-one sessions if you or specialist wishes. in this way, you will not only have to spend time to find experts, but also have to make high payments with the advantage of being our member.

Who can use it?

Your private psychologist is always on hand with you, which you can reach from anywhere without wasting any time for an important problem of you or your family. For this you can become a free member, you can get the most appropriate service and you can start video call immediately.
The special psychologist is always on hand to help you with your employees and their families without losing time in an important problem. For this, you can help your employees to solve their problems easily and quickly by making use of our online psychologist service.
Survey studies show that; 60% of people say they want to have health insurance if they have additional rights such as psychologist, dietitian and dental. You can increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing online psychologist service to your insured.
Online Psychologist

Usage Steps

  • Member login

    If you are not a member, you can manage the process more easily as a free member.

  • Rights Inquiry

    After you have entered your information, the system automatically controls use of rights according to your policy or package.

  • Start an Online Call or make an appointment

    You can contact our doctors immediately by clicking the 'immediate view' button or by clicking on the link that is sent to you at your desired time period.

  • Find Answers to all your questions.

    You can find answers to all your questions during the allocated interview time.

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Online services are not a substitute for a face-to-face examination with your doctor. Diagnosis are not done by online interview and your treatment is not regulated. The main scope of online services includes counseling on health.