Now, it is very easy to apply your spesific professional programs, lose weight, eat healthy, stay healthy, stay at ideal weight. you can reach us without leaving your home with live video connection for any health issues and questions.

Online Nutritionist

What is Online Nutritionist?

For your comfort and life, you want to realize your diet decisions about your health. It's a good start, but you're having difficulties to continue. Unfortunately, statistics show that 90-95% of the diet regimen is not successful when there is no support of professional assistance. However, we are here for you to stay healthy and acquire healthy eating habits.

Our online dietitian is fully tailored to personalized programs, supporting you to stay healthy and to maintain the ideal weight to protect your health.

Who can use it?

Whenever you or your family in need of dietitian you can reach our special dietitian 7/24 around the clock from anywhere. For our services, you can sign up for free membership, buy the best service and start video call immediately.
Being healthy and staying healthy also increases the quality of business life. As a corporate company, your employees can benefit from our online dietitian service. You can increase the work efficiency by protecting the health of your employees.
Survey studies show that; 60% of people say they want to have health insurance if they have additional rights to such as dietitian, psychologist and dental. You can increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing our online dietitian service to the insured.
Online Nutritionist

Using Steps

  • Start an Online Call or make an appointment

    You can contact our doctors immediately by clicking the 'immediate view' button or by clicking on the link that is sent to you at your desired time period.

  • Member login

    If you are not a member, you can manage the process more easily as a free member.

  • Find Answers to all your questions

    You can find answers to all your questions during the allocated interview.

  • Rights Inquiry

    After you have entered your information, the system automatically controls use of rights according to your policy or package.


With our dietitians, you can have a video call from this platform.

  • Our dietitian will create a completely personalized nutrition program that suits your lifestyle.
  • Your nutritional habits will be questioned in your interview; other data related to your health will be reached, your existing diseases will be learned, information about your use of medication will be obtained and these interviews will be repeated in certain periods.
  • After the interviews, all your information and diet plan for your diet are recorded according to your approval. the recorded information creates the basics and preliminary information for subsequent sessions. this information plays the main role in the healthy progress of your diet. if it is requested, your diet plan and your health progress will be reported to you graphically.
  • In order to be able to help better and healthy solutions, some tests are requested; for these tests, the moneta call center is able to provide the necessary organization, if necessary, either at your home or at your office.
  • If necessary, you will be provided with professional information about your nutritional and metabolic diseases in order to prevent any deterioration of your health by discussing with your specialist physicians.

We recommend that you have your previous medical information with you in order us to assist you before the initial interview,

we wish you healthy days.

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Online services are not a substitute for a face-to-face examination with your doctor. Diagnosis are not done by online interview and your treatment is not regulated. The main scope of online services includes counseling on health.