Wherever you are in the world, your private doctor is available "24/7" via Live Video, ready to answer any questions you may have about your health.

Online Doctor

What is an Online Doctor?


The online doctor offers you the opportunity to answer all your questions about your health status, whether by phone or video. it is an important service that you can consult before you get any health service for yourself or for your family when a health problem occurs. this also saves you financially with reliable, right decisions.

Online doctor service and your health status are followed by our doctors, also necessary reminders are provided. For the second opinion (examination, report, etc.), moneta meets your secondary assessments together with all the specialist physicians. When necessary, moneta provides appointment and transfer organization to the contracted practice and health institutions.

Who can use it?

If you or your family has an important health problem, you can reach your private doctor 24/7 around the clock.For this service, you can sign up for free membership, buy the best service and start video call immediately.
Being healthy and staying healthy also increases the quality of business life. As a corporate company, you can benefit from 7/24 online doctor services for your employees, and you can increase the efficiency of your employees by protecting their health.
In your statistics, 60% go to the wrong branch doctor. Your insured is best for examinations with the online physician service you give, you can get rid of unnecessary damage costs as well as adjust your damage premium rate.
Online Doctor

Using Steps

  • Start an Online Call or make an appointmen

    You can contact our doctors immediately by clicking the 'start now' button or by clicking on the link that is sent to you at your preferred time period.

  • Member login

    If you are not a member, you can manage the process more easily as a free member.

  • Find Answers to All Your Questions.

    You can find answers to all your questions during the allocated interview time

  • Rights Inquiry

    After you have entered your information, the system automatically controls use of rights according to your policy or package.

You have a health condition that you think might be important and you are away from the nearest health center ...

At midnight, your child's body temprature climbed but you are on a business trip. Your possibilities are limited at the moment and you cannot decide what to do.

In above-mentioned situations, Moneta Health 7/24 Online doctor service will be with you any time. Because your health is your most valuable asset. For VIP transfer service,
we do not want you to worry about parking place of your vehicle.We will directly provide your transfer.


Moneta Online physician is ready to assist you for every question relating your health.

  • Find out if your condition requires a medical follow-up or treatment.
  • You can request an evaluation of your lab-test and / or X-ray results.
  • You can find out which cind of doctor you need for your illness.
  • On your demand, you can create a request for a specialist doctor's appointment.At this situation Moneta Call Center provite assistance and will organize your
    appointments according to your insured or membership rights.
  • You can request the evaluation and organization of the issues that you decide on a second medical opinion.
  • If you are a member or insured member of Moneta Disease Management Program, you can make a call from this platform.
With this service, our physicians provide medical advice and information in accordance with the procedures and legal frameworks.
Since it is not an official medical examination, a prescription or naming of any drug will not take place.
We recommend that you have your medical files and information with you to help you before the interview. We wish you healthy days.
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Online services are not a substitute for a face-to-face examination with your doctor. Diagnosis are not done by online interview and your treatment is not regulated. The main scope of online services includes counseling on health.