Languages she can speak Turkish, English,
Call duration : 30 dk
Interview fee : 140 $
Uzm. Psk. Emirhan KARADUMAN

Depression, Common Anxiety Disorder; Anxiety, Stress; Personality Disorders; Social Phobia; İnsecurity ; Family Communication İssues; Disorders in Interpersonal Relationships; Relationship İssues; Child and Adolescent Psychology Problems; Child and Adolescent Psychology; Crying and Anger Bouts, Exam Anxiety; Anger


İstanbul Bilgi University, Science Literature Faculty, English Psychology (2010) İstanbul Ticaret University, Social Studies İnstitute, Clinic Psychology (2014) Deniz Kite Uluslararası Arabuluculuk School, Mediasion and Arabuluculuk (2012)

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