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Dr. Tuğrul ÖZSEÇEN
Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tuğrul Özseçen was born in 1959 in Ankara.
He graduated from Ankara Başkent High School in 1975 and Atatürk University Medical Education in 1984.
He completed Compulsory Service and Emergency Medicine Certification Training in Trabzon.
112 Head Physician and Emergency Services Department came to Istanbul after his duties.
Here he worked as the General Manager of Bayındır Hayat Sigorta Damage Department Directorate,
Technical Group Manager and Assistant General Manager and IAP General Manager at MDS Assistance.
Afterwards, Dr. Özseçen, who was appointed as the Chief Physician of Doğan Hospital, later served as Deputy Chief Physician and
Emergency Department Director at Hisar Intercontinental Hospital and Okan University Medical Faculty Hospitals.
Dr. Çağtay Tuğrul Özseçen, is fluent in English.
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