Nurhayat GÜL
Languages she can speak Turkish, English,
Call duration : 20 dk
Interview fee : 50 $
Dr. Nurhayat GÜL

Family practice and Medical Aesthetics

1986-1992 Graduate of Fırat University Faculty of Medicine

1992-1998 Elazığ State Hospital and Rüstempaşa Health Center 1998-2004 Marmaris State Hospital, Armutalan Health Center, Private Ahu Hospital, MayDay Clinic (Emergency and tourism medicine)

2004-2007 Istanbul 112 Physician

2004-2006 Sculpture and Monalisa Responsible Directorate and Medical Aesthetic Medicine

2007-2008 Ender Saraç Clinic 2008 Dr. Serdar Eren Clinic

2010-2018 Private practice (Functional Medicine, Medical Aesthetics, Lifestyle Medicine, Healthy Life and Slimming)

2018-2020 Kadıköy Medicana Emergency Physician

2020 Esteworld Medical Aesthetics

2020 Moneta Assistance

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