Levent BUDA
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Dr. Levent BUDA


I was born in Izmir in 1966 and graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine in 1991 after finishing primary, secondary education at Izmir Ataturk High School. Afterwards, I spent most of my medicine life in State Institutions where I worked with sweet memories by working at different levels. I started learning Homeopathy in 2001, where I owe my youthful appearance. In 2002, I was admitted to the European Institute of Homeopathy with a scholarship and completed the 6-stage Homeopathy education in 3 years. Then, I completed the Homeopathy Educator Trainings of the same institute during the trainings given by the Classical Homeopathy Association and received the title of Homeopathy Trainer.

However, during the journey I started with Homeopathy, the obstacles and the necessity to answer the questions I received from my patients forced me to learn Phytotherapy. Thus, I completed the Phytotherapy courses of Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy. Thus, as I was on my way, I was elected as the Chairman of the Board of the Classic Homeopathy Association in 2011. During my 2 years of this duty, I organized numerous Homeopathy Education and World Celebration of World Homeopathy Day 2012, which is an international organization.

I have participated in many international & national congresses and training since the day I started to deal with homeopathy, I made many presentations and publications. My first book was published in 2015. Education in my life will never end, as I believe in continuing education is one of the most nutritious elements for human life. I will continue to participate in organizations that will feed myself, as well as my information in blogs, interviews, TV programs and other meeting areas (social media) that I have given because of the value I give to educating the society.

I am a member of many national and international non-governmental organizations. The Classical Homeopathy Association, where I was the president of the past in relation to Homeopathy, has a special importance. In addition, LMHI (International Association of Homeopathic Physicians) and ECH (European Homeopathy Committee) are international professional organizations in which I take active roles. In 2016, with my close friends and colleagues with whom I studied medicine at the university, we have to transfer the things we have received from the society to the society again, through the Atlas Foundation, which we have established, to provide social studies, to provide scholarships to university students, to organize trainings that will make it easier for them to cope with life, and thus, in the light of science. I am honored to support the advancing youth.

I have a practice where I regularly see my patients since 2007, and I have been working only in my practice since 2011. I am married and have a son that we raised proudly without using any antibiotics. We currently live in Switzerland and travel to Izmir regularly and see my patients.

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